Gerhard Lock
Musicologist and Composer





Since 2003 I am dealing mostly with electronic sounds, audiovisual and multimedia possibilities, 2003 we started also cooperation with the painter and videoartist Rait Rosin. My music is played in Germany - e.g. 28. Internationale Studienwoche für zeitgenössische Musik (2006), Estonia - e.g. EAMT Autumn festival Tallinn (2003-2004, 2006-2007), August-Festival of Cultur Factory Tallinn (2006), International NYYD-festival Tallinn (2007) and the USAEstonian Cultur Days in New York (2009). I further have collaborated with video artists Piibe Piirma and Jane Suviste, sculptor Taavi Kolk, journalist and film director Jüri Muttika, composer Hans-Gunter Lock, and dancer-choreograph Kaspar Aus.

xibition-installations „Everything is just so perfect!“ (2006, Vaal gallery, Tallinn), „The Swan in Town“ (2006, City gallery, Tallinn) and multimedia-concert „Utopical fugues“ (2006, August-Festival of Cultur Factory, Tallinn).

During EAMT Autumnfestival, 25th of September, the concert version of an installation music from 2006 „Something is different“ (2006) was played.

On 20th
of October during New-Music-Festival NYYD '07 took place the first performce ofthe joint multimedial project „… sügavas hinguses leiavad kooskõla“ (… in deep breathing they find harmony, 2007) for interactive dancer, tape, electronics and sensors.

On 9th March we organized together with Hans-Gunter Lock and pianist Diana Kiivit concert for interactive player piano (...ta ise mängib. Kontsert isemängiva ja interaktiivselt reageeriva klaveriga [… it's playing itself. Concert with interactiv Players piano]), which focused on Jean-Claude Risset, also were first performed works of Liis Jürgens and the organizers.

11. - 23. of August in Tallinn in the Dragon gallery of Estonian Artists' Association (EAA) the new video-installation „lihtsaelustaarid?/simplelifestars?“ of Rait Rosin and Gerhard Lock was shown.

Trailer (YouTube)

17th of October the new video-piece „Käärid/Adversity“ (Rait Rosin, Ivi Rosin, Gerhard Lock) was was shown during the new Festival of Tartu Kultuuritehas/Tartu Art Factory as part of the performances „Abi Kosmosest/Help From Kosmos“.
Trailer (YouTube)

11.02.2009 – 07.03.2009 cooperation in the personal exhibition „kopli haldjad/feries of kopli“ of
Rait Rosin (video sound Gerhard Lock, Kurator Martin Jänes), ArtDepoo galerii (1), Tallinn (opening with Kaspar Aus' dance performance "Paralleelne inspiratsioon" (2008) Estonian first performance).

11.04.2009 audiovisual artworks of Rait Rosin and myself will be presented during
Estonian Cultur Days in New York with the theme HOME.

Chamber music:

Intermezzo‘s for piano (1995-2008)
I, II –1995; III –2000; IV, Hommage á Lepo Sumera – 2003; V – 2004, dedicated Kadri-Ann Sumera; VI – dedicated Diana Kiivit and Hans-Gunter Lock

Glockenklang“ (Kellahelin) (1997)
Vl and pn

Reflektsioon“ (1998)
Fl, vl and pn

Das Jahrhundert ist zu Ende / On aastasaja lõpp“ (1999)
Text Viivi Luik
Mezzosopr, fl, fag, cor, vc, kb and perc

Electroacoustic and multimedia works:

Veelahkmel“ [At The Watercrossroad] (2003)
Vl, quadro-fonogramm and video (ca. 7 min)
Autumnfestival of EAMT 2003

The Analytical Artist“ (2005)
Tape music (ca. 13 min)
Installation music „Everything is just so perfect!“ Vaal gallery 2006
Played also in concert „Helisünteesi töökoda“ in EAMT May 2005 and during exhibition „EKA diplomitööd/EKA diploma works 2005“ in Rotermanns Salt Storage. In cooperation with Maris-Valk-Falk we research the piece (Experimental Study: Interaction of Music and Painting) and introduced it in Caserta (Italy) in the international conference „Understanding and Creating Music“ (2005) and 2006 during Pärnu Contemporary Music Days (PNP 2006).

The Existential Artist“ (2006)
Tape music (ca. 11 min)
Installation music „Everything is just so perfect!“ Vaal gallery 2006
Played also together with orginal painting during EAMT Autumnfestival 2006.

Utopical fugues“ (2006)
For video, live-video (Piibe Piirma, Jane Suviste; Shawn Pinchbeck – Max/MSP), fonogramm and amplified string quartet, also used music by J. S. Bach (Ooper kvartett, string quartet of Estonian National Opera, Tallinn) (ca. 20 min)
-- commissioned by August-Festival of Cultur Factury, Tallinn --
-- in cooperation with Society of Estonian Media Artists, MediaLab Tallinn --

Something is different“ (2006/07)
(ca. 9 min), new version for 16-speaker-acousmonium. Original version is installation music (ca. 30 min) for Taavi Kolks sculptures during exhibition „The Swan in Town“, Tallinn, City gallery 2006)

aufeinander zugehen – sich begegnen / teineteisele läheneda – kohtuda“ (2007)
Texts Hanna-Maria Hasenjäger
Dedicated to H.-M. Hasenjäger
For vl., pn., fonogramm and
Vl. – Gerhard Lock, Klav. – Hans-Gunter Lock, Fonogramm – Gerhard Lock, Max/MSP – Hans-Gunter Lock.
First performance 26. May 2007 in Heiligengrabe.

„… sügavas hinguses leiavad kooskõla /… in deep breathing they find harmony“ 2007)
For interactiv dancer, clarinet, viola and electronics (ca. 13 min)
Kaspar Aus - dance and choreography, Stanislav Maksimov – clarinet, Johanna Vahermägi – viola, Gerhard Lock – electronics, Hans-Gunter Lock - sensor design, Max/MSP
-- commissioned by international NYYD '07 festival, Tallinn --
-- cooperation with electronic music studio of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre --

Intermezzo VI (2008)
For player piano and computer
Dedicated to Diana Kiivit and Hans-Gunter Lock
Diana Kiivit (player piano), Gerhard Lock (piano), Hans Gunter Lock (computer)
Max/MSP-patch Hans-Gunter Lock
Version for two pianos first performed „...ta ise mängib. Kontsert isemängiva ja interaktiivselt reageeriva klaveriga“
9. March 2008 Eesti Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemia orelisaal

Käärid/Adversity“ (2008)
Video (ca. 12 min), Trailer (YouTube)
Rait Rosin and Ivi Rosin (Video and Fotos), Gerhard Lock (Sound)

-- Tartu Kultuuritehas/Tartu Cultur Factory, „Abi Kosmosest/Help From Kosmos“ 17.10.2008, Tartu --

Installation music:
2003 Kasvavad näod[Growing faces], installation music for personal exhibition of Rait Rosin, Gallery ArtLine, Tallinn.

2005 „Hommage á Lepo Sumera“, in cooperation with Rait Rosin, Estonian Academy of Music, Tallinn.

2005 „Analytical artist“ and "Pragmatic artist", in cooperation with paintings of Rait Rosin („EKA lõputööd 2005“/„Degree works of Estonian Academy of Arts 2005“), Rotermanns Salt storage, Tallinn.

2006 „Everything is just so perfect!“ (Rait Rosin, Gerhard Lock, Jüri Muttika), Vaal gallery (09.02.–28.02.2006), Tallinn.

2006 „Luik linnas/The Swan in Town“ (Lilia del Rio, Rait Rosin, Taavi Kolk, Gerhard Lock), City gallery (30.03. – 16.04.2006), Tallinn.

2008 „lihtsaelustaarid?/simplelifestars?“ (Rait Rosin & Gerhard Lock) Draakoni gallery (11.08.-23.08.2008), Tallinn, Trailer (YouTube).

2009 „kopli haldjad/feries of kopli“ (Rait Rosin, Gerhard Lock, curator Martin Jänes), ArtDepoo gallery (11.02.2009 - 07.03.2009), Tallinn (opening with Kaspar Aus' dance performance "Paralleelne inspiratsioon" (2008) Estonian first performance).

Exhibition-installation "Everything is just so perfect!"
(internet presentation ed. by Gerhard Lock)
„Everything is just so perfect“ at Rait Rosins homepage
„Kõik on nii hästi!/Everything is just so perfect!“ „Fresh paint“ (demo-CD, CV Rait Rosin)

© Gerhard Lock, Tallinn 04/2009