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Schoenberg Residence

Estonian Arnold Schoenberg Society
Schoenberg Residence
Prnu, Estonia

The goal of the international Schoenberg Residence is to mediate specific information about contemporary music that can be exchangedonly through international personal contacts between musicians. Schoenberg Residence activities are carried out in close cooperation with Estonian and foreign artists, creative communities and creative centers.

Schoenberg Residence is primarily intended for composers, performers and music researchers. Creative persons of other domains who combine music with other medias are also welcome.

Initiated and run by artists, theoreticians, practitioners and activists themselves, Schoenberg Residence is a user-created informal institution. It is a platform for anyone who is interested in widening the scope of their creative practices.

There is no formal application for Schoenberg Residence, norany selectionis applied. Just write an email to schoenberg@schoenberg.ee, describingbriefly yourself, your field of professional activities (couldeven be a linkto your website), your plans for residence and for how longyou want tostay.

Contact person: Andrus Kallastu, schoenberg@schoenberg.ee

In borders of Schoenberg residence program Estonian Arnold Schoenberg Society have today collaboration with MASSIA centre. Please make your reservation as described in page of MASSIA

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