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Pärnu Nüüdismuusika Päevad 2023 | Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2023
Call for Scores in 22-EDO
Deadline: January 3, 2023

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Concert to be played: 27.1.2023 and 28.1.2023 at 19.00 Pärnu Central Library (Pärnu, Estonia), 29.1.2023 at 19.00 Estonian Centre of Contemporary Music (Tallinn, Estonia)

New piece or existing piece arranged for the following instruments:
flute / alto flute - Leonora Palu
guitar - Gonzalo Muruaga
double bass - Lass Kari

Possible lineup:
Trio - all three instruments
Duos from the aforementioned instruments
Solo pieces for one of the aforementioned instruments

Details: We announce a call for scores in 22-EDO tuning system for flute, guitar, and double bass. It could be a new piece or a already existing piece arranged for these three instruments, a duo combination or solo. It is intended to play the pieces at a concert during Pärnu Contemporary Music Festival 2023 on January 28. The goal is to focus on a relatively new tuning system, make it feasible for acoustic instruments through special exercises and fingering tables. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your submitted piece will be played. It will depend on feasibility for the instrumentalists, and on the amount of submission we will get. But we will do our best. Also, if your piece will not be played, we will deal with it during our composers/interpreters workshop prior to the concert. Also we are interested to collect pieces in 22-EDO for future projects.

Pieces we will play: It is intended that the participating composers communicate withe the instrumentalists due to different aspects, as e.g. playability and tempo issues. As it is all new for the instrumentalist and not so much time please keep complexity not too high, but don’t hesitate to offer your ideas fairly, as all musicians are professionally trained. The submission of your piece is free of charge and no fee will be payed to the composers. There will be provided audio recordings (Stereo) of the concert performance which will be free to use by the composers (unless the instruments have objections).

Technical demands:Scores must be written in Up-Down notation. Additionally audio tracks for learning and rehearsal are needed: 1) audio for all instruments together, 2) single audio tracks for each instrument separately. Flute, guitar or double bass timbres are not mandatory, it might be even synthesized sound, but with no vibrato and timbres good to recognize pitch should preferred. For double bass it might have sense to produce audio an octave higher then the pitch to be played. The range of flute is C4-G6, the range of the alto flute is G3-D6 but has to be written “in G” i.e. a fourth higher notated then it will sound. A notation guide and instructions and instrumental exercises can you find here: Google drive link

Deadlines: Deadline for ready (or almost ready) pieces is January 3, 2023, but it is highly recommended, if you have some snippets ready earlier to send them to us before this deadline, that it could be tried out by the instrumentalists and for feedback to you as composer.

Submitting the pieces: Please send your piece to me via email: hans-gunter.lock@artun.ee or contact me via FB messenger. Additionally the pieces and audio files will be uploaded to google drive where they are accessible for all participants.

Hans-Gunter Lock