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Pärnu Nüüdismuusika Päevad 2023 | Pärnu Contemporary Music Days 2023
Call for Simple Scores in 22-EDO
Deadline: January 21, 2023

22vjo töötoa teosed | 22edo works for workshop

Concert to be played: 28.1.2023 at 19.00 Pärnu Central Library (Pärnu, Estonia), 29.1.2023 at 19.00 Estonian Centre of Contemporary Music (Tallinn, Estonia)

From February 21.-26. the PNP2023 workshop will take place focusing on composing and performing in 22-EDO. At this workshop we will compose and rehearse pieces in 22-EDO as much as it will be possible in that short time. We are all composers and the most of us not regular practicing performers with limited technical skills, and time is very limited. Therefore we will now call for simple scores (new, existing, arranged existing) we can try out during the workshop and maybe perform at the concert on January 28th. Due to time and technical restrictions we cannot guarantee that your piece will be performed.

Simple scores means:
- technically easy to play or sing
- three-part voices would be fine (maybe four-part), not a cappella (but audio backtrack is possible)
- avoid virtuosity, keep in mind the tempo
- moderate rhythmical complexity, specially in terms of playing together
- welcome are also aleatoric scores where not to bother about coordinated playing together string instruments:
- only first position pitches
- 22edo subscales would be preferred (e.g. MOS)
- specially for voices: keep it not too dissonant

Lineup: voices or instruments of our participants, please no solo pieces, best from trio up to tutti:
Andrus Kallastu — keyboard, voice
Gerhard Lock — violin, voice (tenor/baritone)
Hans-Gunter Lock — violin, voice (tenor/baritone)
Leonora Palu — flute, alto flute
James Robinson — violoncello
Gonzalo Muruaga — 22edo classic guitar, 22-edo electric guitar
Kristjan Kannukene — viola, voice (tenor)
Matej Sloboda — voice (baritone)
Joseph Monzo — voice (bass)

A notation guide and instructions and instrumental exercises can you find here: 22vjo harjutused keelpillidele | 22edo string intonation exercises

Material about voices you can find in our Gradus ad Parnassum repository: Gradus ad Parnassum 2021-2022 materjalid | Materials of Gradus ad Parnassum 2021-2022

The submission of your piece is free of charge and no fee will be payed to the composers. There will be provided audio recordings (Stereo) of the concert performance which will be free to use by the composers (unless the instruments have objections).

Technical demands: Scores must be written in Up-Down notation. Additionally audio tracks for learning and rehearsal are needed: 1) audio for all instruments together, 2) single audio tracks for each instrument separately. Exact timbres are not mandatory, it might be even synthesized sound, but with no vibrato and timbres good to recognize pitch should preferred. We are playing and singing in A4=447 Hz, which results C4=262Hz. See the sevish here: 22edo sevish

Deadlines: Deadline for ready (or almost ready) pieces is January 21, 2023, but it is highly recommended, if you have some snippets ready earlier to send them to us before this deadline.

Submitting the pieces: Please send your piece to me via email: hans-gunter.lock@artun.ee or contact me via FB messenger. Additionally the pieces and audio files will be uploaded to google drive where they are accessible for all participants.